If you are looking for a 50cc graphic kit for your CPI SMX 2005-2015, you are in the right place! Our graphic kits are designed with premium materials to withstand the harshest conditions and to give your motorcycle a unique and personalized look. Here are the five strong points of our 50cc CPI SMX graphic kits:

  1. High quality: We use premium vinyl with extra strong glue to ensure easy installation and long-lasting hold.
  2. Personalization: Our decoration kits are fully customizable with options for colors, logos and race numbers so you can create a unique and original design.
  3. Durable protection: The decoration kits are hot laminated to protect against UV rays, weather and shock.
  4. Ease of installation: Improved cut-out templates guarantee easy and precise installation.
  5. Finishing Options: We offer several finishing options, including holographic, glitter, chrome, matte and glossy vinyl, so you can customize your decor kit to your taste.

Order your 50cc CPI SMX graphic kit now to give a unique and personalized look to your motorcycle!