Sur-ron Storm Bee decoration kit - Personalize your Electric Motorcycle!

Lovers of thrills and electric motorcycles? Look no further, you are in the right place! Discover our incredible Sur-ron Storm Bee Deco Kit, the ultimate companion for your electric motorcycle. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled customization and stunning style that will make you the star of the slopes.

Why choose the Sur-ron Storm Bee Deco Kit?

Imagine a perfect fusion between innovation and aesthetics. Our graphics kit, specially designed for Sur-ron electric motorcycles and electric motocross, is the cream of the crop. Made from premium vinyl, you'll benefit from ultra-strong glue that will withstand all your daring adventures.

Optimal protection, whatever the conditions:

With our high-quality hot lamination, UV rays, bad weather and shocks will just have to hold off! Your decoration kit will remain bright and dazzling even after the most intense sessions.

State-of-the-art HD printing for incredible results:

Our latest generation printing technology based on eco-solvent inks guarantees you bright, vibrant colors that will not go unnoticed. Details and patterns will stand out with incredible clarity, making your electric motorcycle a true rolling masterpiece.

Vinyl options for a unique style:

Unleash your creative side by choosing from a range of exceptional vinyl options. Go holographic and sparkle, or add a touch of glamor with a glitter effect. For a bold look, go for the chrome finish, or go for simplicity with matte. And of course, if you like to shine, shine is for you. The choice is yours, the style is in your hands!

Personalization to your image:

Personalizing has never been easier. Change sponsors and logos to reflect your preferences. Change the colors to match your personality perfectly. Add your race number to show who's boss on the field. Let your pilot name shine proudly or show off your Instagram profile to share your adventures with the world.

The advantages in brief:

  • Ultra strong adhesion: Thanks to our superior quality glue, your decorative kit will stay in place whatever the conditions.
  • Striking style: With our varied vinyl options, your look will be unique and sensational.
  • Total protection: Hot lamination protects against UV rays, bad weather and shocks.
  • Unlimited customization: Let your creativity run wild by changing sponsors, colors and more.
  • Easy to install: Our improved cutting templates ensure hassle-free installation.

Don't just be an electric dirt bike on the track, be a moving work of art! Opt for the Sur-ron Storm Bee Graphic Kit and let your electric motorcycle express your unique style and personality. Make people jealous at every turn and become the benchmark for electrifying audacity.