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Aprilia RS 50cc (2006-2012)


The Aprilia RS 50cc, produced between 2006 and 2012, is a sport-type motorcycle designed for young people passionate about speed and performance. Inspired by the brand's great sports cars, this small engine offers an exciting and dynamic driving experience, while being accessible to beginners.

Design and Aesthetics

The motorcycle stands out for its sporty and aerodynamic design, with flowing lines and a complete fairing. The front fascia includes aggressive headlights and a bumper screen, while the tapered rear ends with an LED taillight. Aprilia's signature colors and graphics accentuate its competitive look.

Performance and Engine

The Aprilia RS 50cc is equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine, offering lively power for its category. With a six-speed transmission, it allows you to fully exploit the engine's capabilities. Designed to mimic the performance of larger displacement motorcycles, it provides a sporty and responsive riding experience.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Despite its sporty orientation, the Aprilia RS 50cc ensures a good level of comfort. The saddle is designed to provide adequate support during long riding sessions, and the slightly forward-leaning riding position is ergonomic for optimal control. The inverted telescopic front suspension and monoshock rear suspension provide good shock absorption.

Security and Technology

Safety is a priority with front and rear disc brakes ensuring powerful and reliable braking. The dashboard, a mix of analog and digital, provides complete information on speed, engine speed, and other essential indicators. LED lighting improves visibility at night, increasing overall safety.

Technical Table of the Aprilia RS 50cc (2006-2012)

Engine: Single cylinder, two-stroke, liquid cooled
Cylinder capacity: 50 cc
Power: Approximately 8 hp at 10,000 rpm
Transmission : 6 vitesses
Brake system: Front and rear discs
Front suspension: Inverted telescopic fork
Rear suspension: Monoshock
Dry weight: Approximately 89 kg
Height of the saddle: 820 mm
Tank capacity: 13 liters
Lighting: LED
Dashboard: Mixed analog/digital

The Aprilia RS 50cc (2006-2012) is a sporty, agile and well-designed motorcycle, perfect for young riders and small-displacement enthusiasts. It offers a combination of style, performance and safety, making it an ideal choice for those who want to experience sporty riding sensations from the start of motorcycling.