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Welcome to our product catalog of Yamaha BW's MBK Booster 1990-2003 graphic kits! Are you looking for a way to personalize your 50cc scooter? You are in the right place ! We offer a wide range of MBK Booster graphics kits for your Yamaha/MBK 50. Our scooter graphics kits are made from premium quality vinyl with extra strong glue for maximum durability.

Our Booster decoration kit is available in several modern and dynamic designs to suit all tastes and styles. We use hot lamination to protect the vinyl against UV rays, weather and shock. Plus, our latest generation high-definition printing uses eco-solvent inks to ensure vibrant, long-lasting colors.

We have also improved our cut-out templates to make it easier to install our MBK 50 deco kits. We offer several vinyl options and finishes, including holographic, glitter, chrome, matte and glossy vinyl. Each option offers unique benefits in terms of style and durability. Holographic vinyl offers a touch of shine for a distinctive look, while matte vinyl offers a sleek, anti-glare finish.

We are proud to offer customization options for our scooter graphics kits. You can change sponsors/logos, change colors to match your style, add a race number for a sporty look, or even add your driver name or Instagram or other social media profile for an even more personalized look.

In summary, our Yamaha BW's MBK Booster 1990-2003 graphic kits offer:

  • High quality vinyl with extra strong glue for maximum durability
  • A wide choice of modern and dynamic designs
  • Protection against UV rays, bad weather and shocks thanks to our hot lamination
  • Latest generation high definition printing with eco-solvent inks
  • Customization options for an even more personalized look.

Don't hesitate to browse our catalog to find the MBK 50 graphic kit that best suits your style and your Yamaha/MBK 50 scooter!