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Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
Black red
Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
White Red
Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
Graphic decals Vent Baja 50cc 2023-2024 Cold
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If you are the lucky owner of a 50cc Vent Baja 2023 motorcycle, then you will love our 50cc Vent Baja Enduro 2023-2024 Deco Kit. This decorative kit is designed to enhance the appearance of your motorcycle while offering it optimal protection. Here's everything you need to know:

Exceptional Quality: Our decoration kit is made with premium vinyl, equipped with extra-strong glue. It stays securely in place no matter what challenges you throw at it.

Total Protection: Thanks to hot lamination, your decorative kit is protected against UV rays, bad weather and shocks. Your motorcycle maintains its impeccable look even after off-road adventures under the scorching sun or in harsh conditions.

Stunning Designs: Latest generation high definition printing with eco-solvent inks guarantees vibrant and long-lasting colors. The designs are modern and perfectly suited to the Vent Baja 2023 so you ride in style.

Easy Installation: Thanks to our improved cutting templates, installing our decorative kit is child's play. Even if you're not an expert, you can do it yourself in no time.

Unlimited Vinyl and Finish Options: Vinyl and finish options allow you to personalize the look of your motorcycle. Opt for holographic vinyl for a captivating effect, glitter for a touch of dynamism, chrome for an ultra-modern look, matte for a discreet style or shiny for a sparkle that won't go unnoticed.

But that's not all ! Our graphics kit allows you to personalize your 2023 Vent Baja even further:

  • Change of Sponsors/Logos: Highlight your favorite brands by personalizing the sponsors and logos on your motorcycle.

  • Color Change: Choose colors that reflect your personality for a truly unique look.

  • Add a Race Number: If you feel like a real rider, add a race number to give your bike a competitive style.

  • Inclusion of Driver Name or Instagram Profile: Show the world your style and personality by adding your driver name or Instagram profile, or any other social network you prefer.

  • Headlight Plate and Front Fender Customization: Change the headlight plate and front mudguard from a wide selection available in options to give new life to the appearance of your motorcycle.

  • Sticker Vinyls Included: Our deco kit includes stickers for the headlight plate, the supermoto or enduro rim surrounds, the swingarm, the plate bottoms, the radiator vents, and fork stickers in option to complete the set.

In summary, our 50cc Vent Baja Enduro 2023-2024 Graphic Kit is the ideal solution to personalize your motorcycle while protecting it from the elements. Give your 2023 Vent Baja a look that reflects your personality and driving style.

Here are the 5 highlights of our 50cc Vent Baja Enduro 2023-2024 Deco Kit:

  • Exceptional Quality: Made with premium vinyl and extra-strong glue for unrivaled durability.
  • Total Protection: Hot lamination for protection against UV rays, bad weather and shocks.
  • Stunning Designs: High definition prints with eco-solvent inks for vibrant, long-lasting colors.
  • Easy Installation: Improved cutting templates make installation accessible to everyone.
  • Endless Customization Options: Choose from a range of vinyl options and finishes for a unique look that's uniquely yours.