50cc Honda HM Army Blast Graphic decals

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The Army Blast graphic kit for Honda HM 50cc is a perfect choice for those looking to give a new look to their motorcycle. With its modern and dynamic design, this kit will bring a touch of style to your vehicle. Graphic details add an extra touch of personalization, while gradients of pink and blue create an intriguing visual effect.

Made from high quality 450 micron vinyl, this motorcycle decoration kit offers excellent scratch and fade resistance, as well as UV protection for maximum durability. Vinyl options include holographic, chrome, glitter or matte.

This kit also includes stickers for the headlight plate, mudguards, sides, swingarms and rim surrounds. There are also customization options, such as rider name and number, chrome numbers and fork stickers. There are even options for those who do not have an original headlight plate or mudguard, you can select your headlight plate and front mudguard from a wide choice.

With extensive customization options, exceptional vinyl quality and easy installation, this Army Blast livery kit for Honda HM 50cc is a great choice for those who want to give their motorcycle a new look. It will be delivered quickly with tracking and SMS notification.

5 points forts:

  • Modern and dynamic design
  • Graphic details for a touch of personalization
  • High quality vinyl for maximum strength
  • Extensive customization options
  • Fast delivery with tracking and SMS notification.
How to install a decoration kit

Here are the steps to follow to install a 50cc motorcycle graphic kit:

Preparation: Make sure you have all the necessary materials, including the decorating kit, spatula, spray cleaner, cutter or razor blade, and hair dryer.

Cleaning: Carefully clean the areas where you want to install the deco kit. Be sure to remove all dirt, dust, grease, etc.

Trimming: If necessary, use a razor blade or craft knife to trim the edges.

Apply the first part: Slowly peel the backing from the first part of the deco kit and carefully place it on the fairing. Use a spatula to remove air bubbles and to firmly apply the vinyl.

Apply the other pieces: Continue to apply the other pieces of the decorative kit following the same steps as before. Make sure you align them correctly and place them carefully to avoid air bubbles.

Drying: Use a hair dryer to dry the vinyl and ensure optimal adhesion.

Finishing: Once all the pieces are in place, check that the deco kit is installed correctly. If necessary, use a craft knife or razor blade to trim the edges.

Note that every deco kit is different, so there may be variations in the steps mentioned above. Be sure to follow the instructions included with the deco kit for successful installation.

Manufacturing decorative kit

The manufacture of a motorcycle decoration kit includes several stages:

Validation of the customer model - The customer validates the design and colors of the decorative kit.

Printed on high quality vinyl - The design is printed on high quality vinyl to ensure excellent weather resistance and long-term durability.

Drying - The printed vinyl is left to dry to ensure good adhesion.

Hot Lamination of Protective Film - The printed vinyl is coated with a 450 micron protective film to protect the print from scratches and weather damage.

Precise cutouts - The cutout shapes are precise thanks to improved tools for a perfect fit on the motorcycle.

Quality Control- A quality inspection is carried out to ensure that the deco kit conforms to customer specifications and is free from defects.

Sending to the customer - The decorative kit is sent to the customer with tracking and SMS notifications.