What is Army?

Welcome to my creative world, I am Mathias, a passionate graphic designer from the exciting world of press and advertising. My heart beats to the rhythm of 50cc, a passion that has shaped my professional and personal life.

My journey is an artistic adventure, marked by an exceptional experience in the 50cc field. I have had the privilege of bringing to life the visual identity of iconic brands such as Damsport Racing, 2win, Scootfast, Most Racing, MVT, and Sccotercrew. Each logo, each graphic charter, has been forged with passion, capturing the vibrant spirit of these powerful machines.

My commitment does not stop there. I also designed magazines and advertising materials such as Scoot'n Scoot, Mob & Cyclo Magazine, 50 Rider, Derbi Magazine, and the digital magazine ScooterCrew (SCTV Magazine). These projects have been much more than creations for me; they were journeys through the pages of 50cc culture, capturing the energy, enthusiasm and spirit of this unique community.

In 2017, the creative soul pushed me to create Armysctv, an independent label, deliberately preserved from the influences of motorcycle brands and shops. It was a declaration of artistic independence, an affirmation of my pure and authentic vision.

Over time, my path led me to new horizons. From the parts and accessories to the ideas that sprouted in my mind, I finally decided to launch the decoration kit site. My goal is clear: to offer 50cc graphic kits of exceptional quality, with all imaginable options, at reasonable prices. Every design is a story, every detail is thought out with care, because I believe your 50cc deserves to be as unique as you are.

I invite you to explore this visual universe, where each creation is imbued with my overflowing passion for 50cc. Together we can bring your ideas to life and make every project an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to my graphic world, where emotion meets creativity, and where every detail counts.

With passion,